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“Adam” and “Eve”

Air heavy with moisture claws through the dewy leaves obscuring the creatures that hide within. Heavy smells of decay and rot slink through the inner workings of trees heavy with fruit, so plentiful in this place the animals gorge themselves to fulfillment and still don’t finish scouring one tree in a day. However, for what the shadow forest gives it expects far more in return for its generosity. Like most forests, this one allows not one exception to pass, for the laws of nature kneel to the power of tooth and claw. Heads bow to the clap of lightning and the roar of thunder thumping in the beats to a war drum in our breasts. So let us never forget! Never forget the lessons we have been taught in that ancient darkness that now lies dormant in our breasts! Cry! Cry! Cry-out and when you listen to hear any reply darkness will be your only answer in the deep.

A beast squeals and spits breaking the silence of the thick morning air. It’s course brown fur is covered with smears and streaks of dirt and muck. Hooves and tusks scrape at a tree trunk--spraying hunks of bark to the forest floor. Above cowers the creature responsible for the beast’s ire. It happened upon the beast’s nest and escaped into the tree to avoid it’s angry stabbing. 

Time does not exist in this world of chaos. Only the rise and fall of the sun is noticed for fear that it will never return and relief when it does. For the darkness brings, larger beasts that can creep comfortably then feeding loudly until the return of the light. Therefore, the only way to tell the passing of time for the quivering creature in the tree is the pain of hunger. It is not as mobile in the trees as some of its fellow forest dwellers. It does not have wings to fly or claws to fight. Nor does it have fangs to bite or arms for swinging from branch to branch. And so, it waits and waits while the beast below ruts and scrapes unable to let the matter drop. 

The sun is at its highest making the forest rise in temperature creating a suffocating sauna affect. The trapped creature perspires and rests on a branch, dehydrated and exhausted from hunger. A screech and whirl of flapping wings starts the dozing animal. Searching, it does not see the beast and begins to climb down to find food before the light disappears again. It has been too long since the lanky animal has had meat and instead could only scavenge for eggs, roots, and some rotten fruit from the forest floor. Meat and fat were needed to keep up energy, which was in short supply. 

The instant the long limbed animal touched its toes to the leafy ground the waiting beast charged through the bushes breaking branches in it’s path. Crying out in fear the creature, who was too weak from hunger and heat to run, instead braced itself for impact; closing its eyes and covering itself defensively in a little ball. The beast let out an ear splitting cry and tossed up the dry leaves and twigs. 

But when no more sounds came, the small creature’s eye opened in confusion. The beast was lying lifeless on the ground with a stick protruding from it’s hide. The creature looked around the forest to see if a larger much deadlier animal had slain the beast. The mists obscured the shapes in the forest. A movement sounded in the dry vegetation, heralding the coming of another. The steps were not quick and hurried or carefully creeping. They were steady and paced, moving through the brush as if nothing hindered its path. 

The mists swirled around the figure as it moved into the clearing. A familiar looking creature stepped forth on two limbs. Similar to the cowering creature near the tree it had recently vacated, this one was much bigger by comparison. It stood large and muscled in the mist and when the air cleared there was a lightning bolt of awareness as eyes locked for the first time. The larger of the two wore a steely look in its cold eyes. As if sensing eminent danger the weaker of the two scrambled around the tree trunk, hands and feet slipping on the wet foliage that covered the ground. Metered steps shadowed the retreat. 

The large animal pounced and locked the small one to it tightly with its upper limbs. Crashing to the ground, he landed on top of her.She flailed trying to wiggle free while screeching into the cool dirt. The large male pressed his weight against her body, grinding her further into the dirt. He growled very close to her ear and bit her shoulder commanding her to obey his obvious authority over her. She cried in pain whimpering in response. When she calmed, accepting that he had the advantage, he rose on all fours above smaller her body. 

She didn’t move as he looked her over. He sniffed, ruffling her hair with his breath. He examined her body as she lay on her stomach, taking in her scent and caressing her skin with the pads of his fingers. He reached her genitals and lightly smelled the furry patch below her buttocks. 

He stuck his face between her butt cheeks and inhaled with gusto. She squirmed then, unused to such excessive attention. She made noises of protest but he simply held her thighs apart with his large hands, displaying her for his perusal. Her butt cheeks jiggled with her movement, an uncontrollable dance that seemed to excite the male even further. He dug his nails into her flesh and growled in satisfaction. Then he leaned in and tasted her scent. It incensed his arousal further and he laved her fleshy entrance without direction, going from her opening to her anus in long licks. 

The female continued to struggle but wasn’t really trying to get away, only her body was reacting uncontrollably to the male’s tormenting tongue. She began to croon and whine asking for something. He rumbled in his chest in response nibbling at her sensitive flesh. He left little bite and suckling marks around her inner thighs and hindquarters. By this time, she was panting with her face pressed into the dirt. Her hips started lifting of their own accord, demanding something only he could give. 

The male reached and took a fist full of her brown tresses, pulling her head back and exposing her throat. She whimpered but didn’t fight him. He rubbed his erection against her buttocks and began poking at her entrances with his shaft, trying to get inside her. When he got the “wrong one” on a try, she squealed and struggled in his hold unable to withstand the new pain. He barked at her defiance and pushed her back down into the dirt, holding her face against the ground with the palm of his hand. 

He reached for himself and thrust his shaft into her swollen lips causing a screech of pain from the female. He submerged his length into her prone form, looking as if he was mating with the earth itself. Animal cries and growls echoed from the two forms in the forest, as they performed their ancient consummation. The male violently thrust against the female making her hindquarters jiggle on impact. He beat her with an open palm against her cheeks in his excitement, making her scream out at every smack. The soft globes became a bright stinging red.

He lifted her with his arm under her belly to all fours, so he could get deeper. She grunted with each punch to her awakening womb. His heavy sack smacked against her wet-bloody lips, tightening—readying to release his seed. He reached around her body and gripped one of her large fatty mounds, kneading the flesh. 

His shaft grew even more large and stiff as a tree trunk inside her small canal. He began to stiffen; every muscle in his body was bulging with the oncoming release. His butt cheeks tensed as he thrust erratically against her larger and rounder buttocks. Just as he spewed his seed, he bit down hard on her shoulder restraining her against him as he pumped her full of his hot thick semen. 

He kept her like that for an indiscernible amount of time; possibly ensuring his seed took root. At last, he pulled his shaft from her hole, only now beginning to soften. He rolled onto his back relaxing on the soft cool earth. The female looked over and moved closer to the male. He allowed her to come into his embrace pleased with her submission. 

The sun was setting and it was now time to find shelter from the darkness. The male got to his feet jostling the female awake. He stood looking down on her with a look of demand. She looked up at him questioningly, unsure what he wanted. He thrust a little, popping her in the face with his dangling genitals. She looked at the instrument he used to dominate her and saw her and his secretions still smeared on his shaft and balls. She moved her face close to his strongly scented genitals and once again looked up for confirmation. He pet her head, gently stroking her hair in reassurance. 

She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to lick him clean. She suckled on his furry balls as his chubby shaft rested on her cheekbone. He held her to him and purred in satisfaction. He pushed her head further into his crotch so she could wiggle her little tongue behind his sack. She reached to poke her tongue against the entrance of his anus as his shaft and sack rested—hardening against her face. She breathed through her mouth as she licked tickling the moist hairs. 

He held her hair at the root against her skull and rubbed her face against his genitals. She held her mouth open—tongue extended waiting obediently. He was now hard and long occasionally banging it against her face causing her to squeeze her eyes shut in reaction. 

He popped the head of his shaft past her lips forcing her to open her mouth further. He pushed it all the way to the back of throat and she gagged, but he held her head still. He repeated this until she could relax her throat and take him as he pleased. Drool started collecting, dripping from her chin as she patiently took his thrusts. He stopped and allowed her to lick and suckle him. When he was close to release, he shoved his shaft deep into her mouth thrusting against the back of her throat. She waited, accepting his control over her until she felt hot liquid filling her mouth and instantly swallowed. 

The male and female collected the fallen beast from earlier, when the man killed it and left for his shelter to prepare the meat. In the night, the female heard noises from outside the shelter. Deep rumbles in the night, followed by shouts, and screams, then crunching, and tearing. She huddled closer into the male’s large form for safety, only then did she sleep.